Seth Putnam R.I.P.

Seth Putnam was an old friend of mine that I’ve hung out with, done drugs with, drank massive amounts with, got in fights with and almost went to jail with. I’ve seen the guy arrested more than enough times that one person normally should. I never agreed with his questionable racist/sexist ideas and comments but appreciated his willingness to piss people off and take his music and his life to the most extreme levels ever. He was in a coma a few years ago from overdosing and my band EyeHateGod played the first post-coma gig that his band, Anal Cunt did in Boston. He walked with a walker and was in good spirits that night. His Mom was even there, nice lady. Anyway, A.C. were the best I’ve seen them even though Seth sat in a chair on stage and barely moved, he seemed more focused on the actual songs than the usual berating and battling of the crowd. His sense of humor was fucking great, their ironic version of Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing” ruled and got everyone to realize this shell of a man on stage was not only an asshole, but a hilarious and very human asshole. EHG toured with A.C. and did countless shows together through the years. We even did a split 7″ together. Both groups had a camaraderie. I guess since we were both doing music that most people hated and we didn’t fucking care. When EHG and A.C. were supposed to be on this Death Metal package tour in the early 90’s, Seth would call me (from his work of course, free long distance) and we’d talk about how we were going to disrupt the tour and destroy the entire scene. He loved stuff like this. I could go on forever and one day I will write down more stories about the man. Like how I was at the gig in S.F. where the “Breaking the Law” 7″ was recorded when Seth came out and first song, first note; punched a girl in the face. I ran out as the cops rushed in. We had drank a couple bottles of Southern Comfort together that night. Again, I do NOT condone this type of behaviour in any way and I’m sure some of you will say “guilt by association”, but Seth did what he wanted, that’s how he lived. I’m not gonna stop being someone’s friend ‘cos they are a complete lunatic. Bye friend, Boston will never be the same….

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